As the winter months become warmer and warmer, young people across the nation are focusing more attention on the global warming epidemic. From melting ice bergs to the threatening of animal habitats, global warming is becoming a problem that young people are passionately trying to prevent, and even reverse. However, a closer look at the Instagram accounts of these youth tells a different story. Pictures of people at the beach in January, hiking in mountains that would otherwise be blanketed in snow and going for afternoon runs because its simply to nice outside not to. These pictures, followed by hash tags such as #ILoveGlobalWarming and #GlobalWarmingLOL, show young adults who preach against the practices that contribute to global warming, yet enjoy the weather that is created by it.

Jennifer McDougal, 27, from Corpus Christi, Texas, Instagramed a picture at the beach this past weekend. The picture shows her and her friends on a sun clad beach while enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in January. The caption reads, “Hanging with my girls #Beach Day #January #GlobalWhatever.” When asked about her views on global warming, she was quick to point out that global warming is dangerous not only now, but for future generations. Jennifer added, “I do whatever I can to lower my carbon footprint. I really care about the environment and the damage that we can cause, but I have to admit, this weather is really nice. To be able to go sun bathing with my girls in January is something I wouldn’t want to change.” Jennifer is not alone. Mark Ruffin is a 22 year old college junior at the University of Colorado. He found himself playing ultimate frisbee with friends on a Thursday afternoon in January with temperatures hovering in the upper 60’s. A quick search of his Instagram account shows a picture of himself diving to catch a Frisbee in shorts and a tank top. When asked his thoughts on the weather that day, he was unapologetic. “Listen bro, I do all I can to try and stop global warming. I recycle, I don’t drive a car. I’ve even planted a tree. What else can I do? I don’t like global warming as much as the next person, but with weather like this, maybe its not as bad as we thought. I mean, ultimate frisbee in January, I really don’t see the down side.” When asked to give his thoughts on using hash tags such as #ILoveGlobalWarming, #Lol, and #BillNyeSayWhat, he responded with a “no comment” as he long boarded to a nearby hacky sack circle.

As winters heat up and youth cool to the idea of global warming, what lies ahead? Could we see deliberate pollution in an attempt for even warmer winters? Will this nations youth loose their passion for a cleaner world as they cool down with Slurpees in the middle of January. If Instagram pictures and hash tags are an indication, we could all be in hot water. 


Well I guess its time for me to start this thing. Ive talked about starting a blog for a while now and I have no idea what will come of it. It could be a huge success where 15 people read it and like it. Or a more realistic scenario would be only Miguel reads it and tells me its stupid. The last thing I actually wrote was a 20 page paper that shrunk to 14 pages on Abbott and Costello before graduating college, and that was over a year ago. I do know that I will have at least two groups of people who actually read this thing: my parents and the FBI after I accidentally googled “underwear bomb.” Jihad aside, I know what I’m writing about first. I spend a lot of time watching basketball and with the NBA Lockout now in its 5th month I have some time on my hands. I still have college basketball to follow, but I decided to take advantage of the situation and make a list of things to do during the Lockout. It was originally going to be a list of 10 but I’m lazy enough that 5 will keep my busy for a while.

Start a blog
This one’s pretty obvious, especially if you’re reading this right now. This is my blog, welcome. I was supposed to do this a long time ago, but better late than never is a saying that fits here. Who knows what I’ll be writing about later. Should I go do something and blog about or just write whatever come into my mind? Lets just see what happens. One thing that I have learned so far is that I have terrible grammar and I miss spell a ton of words, but together we can get through this.

Read a book
This one sounds like a pretty significant step in my life, but I really have started reading books, and by choice I might add. Its true what they say, you never forget your first, and my first was Marley and Me. I bought it in the airport and had no idea what it was about, but there was a dog on the cover so I thought I couldn’t go wrong. It turned out to be a great book, better than the movie (yes I’m one of those people now). Most of the other books I’ve read involved basketball, so if my next book can involve a dog and basketball that would be the best of both worlds. Is there an Air Bud book?

Go to the zoo
Ive lived in Vegas my whole life and I cant remember going to the zoo once. Its really a great zoo. That’s something you would hear a person from San Diego say about their own zoo. The Las Vegas zoo sucks, and that’s why I want to go.  I remember the San Diego zoo and how cool it was to go on a safari and see the animals, but I have no idea what to even expect from the Las Vegas one. I imagine it will look like an occupy wall street protest, except with animals. Dirty, smelly and security guards on power trips. The animals at this zoo are the 99 percenters, the difference is they are about to die so they don’t care. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Ive talked about wanting to go and play cards with old people at an old folks home, so I might as well try it now. Old people are hilarious and they always have good stories, at least the ones on TV always do. People are always calling me and old man cause I get tired easily, I don’t like loud noises, I’m a fan of sweaters and early dinner sounds kinda appealing, so basically these are my people. But I do not drive with my blinker on, there’s a line that I haven’t crossed people.

Go to the gym

And I’m not talking about like in high school, where I would sit on the exercise bike and watch TV until it was time to leave. I’m going to give it a real shot, mainly because I found a cookies and cream protein shake that I really like. But also to get bigger. I’m about the size of a jockey, so working out couldn’t hurt. Hopefully I can do it to a point where I look like a slightly larger jockey, I’m not expecting much. The embarrassing part is I will be going to golds gym, which is like the prison yard of working out where only the strong survive. See you in 3 to 5 years.